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Episode 191 – Glass

We are all here and talking about the newest Shama-llama-ding-dong movie Glass(2019), but first…

Ghostbusters reboot of a reboot
Netflix Fyre Festival, raising prices, and more
Spider-Man: Far Home and John Wick 3 Trailers
Box Office! (Jan 11-13)

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Episode 27- Dune

This week we are back to talk about David Lynch’s Dune(1984). Here’s what we touched on before that…

Rob watched more Jessica Jones
Brent watched Trainwreck
Captain America: Civil War trailer is AWESOME
Can Star Wars be the new Titanic?
Mark Hamill confirmed for Episode VIII
Star Lords father revealed?
Tom Crusie in talks for Mummy reboot
Weekend Box Office (11/20-11/22)

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