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Episode 179 – Hunter Killer

No Rob, but Brent and Reggie are here to talk about the newest Gerard Butler movie, Hunter Killer(2018), but first…

Boba Fett movie on hold. Focus on Mandolorian Series
Next Kingsman Movie wil be a prequel Brad Pitt and Rachel Wies
Clueless Remake
Spawn filming being pushed back
Labrynth is getting a sequel
Netflix lost $40 Million with the Kevin Spacey deal
Box Office! (Oct 19-21)

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Episode 55- Air Force One (IMHO Crossover Event)

“If Daniel Day Lewis did more stuff, he’d be like Ben Affleck”

This week Brent is back (No Rob) with the In My Humble Opinion Podcast crew for a special crossover event and to talk about Harrison Ford’s Air Force One(1997) along with…

John Boyega joins Pacific Rim 2
Namor back at Marvel
Marvel casts white Ganke (go listen to Episode 23 of IMHO to hear our thoughts)
Deadpool #1 in Japan
Wolverine 3 possibly titled “Weapon X”
Justice League Dark will be animated feature
Suicide Squad is PG-13…of course it is
Weekend Box Office (June 3-5)

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