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Episode 146 – A Wrinkle in Time

No Rob this week, but we are here to talk about A Wrinkle in TIme(2018), but first…

Kristin Wigg will be Cheetah in the next Wonder Woman Movie
Zazie Beets has a 3 movie deal to appear as Domino
Denis Villeneuve Is Planning At Least Two ‘Dune’ Films, If Not More
Box Office! (Mar 2-4)

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Episode 61 – Star Trek: Beyond

This week we are back to talk about the Justin Lin’s Star Trek: Beyond(2016), but before that we covered…

Brent watched The Shallows and The Secret Life of Pets AND Ghostbusters, but you’ll hear more about that one in a couple of weeks
Images from Luc Besson’s new movie and it’s unfortunate title
Loads of Marvel Netflix news
Sausage Party and Trolls get trailers
Xander Cage is back in Vin Diesel’s new XXX movie
Wonder Woman gets some more traditional digs at ComicCon
Weekend Box Office (July 15-17)

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