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Episode 160 – Incredibles 2

We are here to talk about Pixar’s Incredibles 2(2018), but first…

Lots of Trailers
Geoff Johns leaves DC Entertainment to work for Warner brothers
Government approves AT&T Time Warner merger
Ewan McGregor to star in ‘The Shining’ sequel ‘Doctor Sleep’ as Jack Nicholson’sson
Joaquin Phoenix Joker Oirgin movie to start filming in the fall
Box Office! (Jun 8-10)

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Episode 5- Inside Out

This week we discussed Inside Out (2015). Disney/Pixar typically crushes it with kids and adults alike. Did they do it again? Beforehand, we touched on these things…

Tom Holland cast as Spider-Man and some Sony leaks strike again
How is Spider-Man fitting into the MCU?
Star Trek 3 starts shooting, stars get pay raise
Paramount recreating scenes from original Terminator
Has the Black Panther movie found an unlikely director?
Ben Affleck directing his solo Batman movie
Statham coming back to Furious 8, and…Helen Mirren?!
Box Office wrap up: Jurassic World holds off Inside Out

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